08/19/17 301 Darts Double In Double Out

Out came the dart board targets today in some nasty unpredictable swirling winds.

Placed at 50 yards, each shooter gets a single shot at there target before moving to the next shooter. First shooter to score 301 points is the winner. One needs to hit a double (outer ring) to even start accumulating a score, and must hit another double to score exactly 301 on the last shot. So there’s always a little planning, a little strategy and a little math as you approach 301.

Today every one was shooting .25 calibers and between 4 games all scores were about split between the FX Impact, RAW and Compatto.

A Subway sandwich break in the middle of the day was welcomed. Although windy, the sun was shining and some nice temperatures.

WAC_8_19_17 a WAC_8_19_17 b WAC_8_19_17 c WAC_8_19_17 d WAC_8_19_17 e


08/16/17 August Fun Days

Good times this August. No formal competitions, but rather some competitive informal shoots and games at 100 yards.

We’ve seen the FX Impact RAW, Compatto and a few others come out this month. Some great new targets from EZ2C including our new favorite, 301 double in double out dart board target placed at 50 yards.

Following up with a nice break mid day with our go to lunch provided by Jacks Pizza!

More exciting, Jeff enters the WAC 3×100 Club with his Brocock Compatto finally joining Bill and his FX Impact. 10 shots, 3″ at 100 yards with some slight breeze besides.

Wisconsin airgun Club 8_13_17 a Wisconsin Airgun Club 8_13_17 b Wisconsin airgun Club 8_13_17 c Wisconsin airgun Club Field Targets Wisconsin airgun Club 8_13_17 d


06/17/17 June Field Target Match

Hot and humid was the theme today at the Wisconsin Airgun Club. Winds were slight but unpredictably shifty and made for a challenging day! The coarse remained unchanged from last time with a difficulty of 32 set up per AAFTA guide lines and 64 Shots.


First:  Jeff R | Air Arms S500 | Sightron SIII | JSB 10.34 | Score 36


First:  Jacob D | Brocock Compatto |  Hawke Airmax | JSB 10.34 | Score 34

Second:  | Jeremy D | Marauder | MTC Viper Pro | JSB 14.3 .22 | Score 27

-Hunter 12 FPE-

First: Bill D | Hamerli AR20 | Hawke Sidewinder | JSB 8.4  Score 20

Another great day and fantastic shooting by everyone, especially new shooter Jacob. The humidity made for some sticky conditions but fortunate we were in some shade and a good supply of cold water. There were no target or equipment malfunctions for the match either.

Match report by Jeff Reinert

wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_a wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_b wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_c wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_d wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_e
wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_f wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_g wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_h wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_i wisconsin_airgun_club_06_17_17_j


05/29/17 May Field Target Match

WOW! I hate to keep using the windy word – but it was WINDY. 10 to 20 MPH gust changing directions by the second. 3 Shooters today, Jeff, Bill and Tracy. First time shooter Tracy shot his first round hunter style and a second round open class and did awesome! Bill was shooting his new Brocock Compatto .177 caliber and Jeff with the S500. The coarse remained unchanged from last time with a difficulty of 32. We added in the 1.25 wind difficulty factor on all targets bringing the course to almost a 38! Even with the wind everyone did well taking out about 50% of the targets.  It was a challenge to say the least.  Jacks Pizza for lunch and a 100 yard coffee cup challenge to end the day.  

Jacks Pizza - Pepperoni

04/23/17 Range Work Day

It’s been was a busy weekend at the Wisconsin Airgun Club.  Saturday the day was spent welding,  improving and painting the knock down targets with a Jacks Pizza break for lunch. Sunday the course got set up and difficulty scale determined. Coarse currently sits with a “Hard” level just over 32 on the Troyer scale. It was windy as usual here, so we added in the 1.25 difficulty factor on targets beyond 25 yards bringing the coarse to a 36+. With the course set up, it was time to shoot a short match and test it out! Scores here.


03/04/17 100 Yard Competition

A crazy windy day! At the WAC we did our 100 yard shooting and hold off was never the same from shot to shot. Hold offs ran from 1 mil to 5+ mil both left and right, 10 shots per target. Two eye open shooting, one on the wind flag and one on the target.

3″ targets and a welcomed Jacks Pizza break 1/2 way through. Temps running around 25F. Finished with a game of 50 yard Battleship. Super day!

Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_a Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_b Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_c Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_d Wisconsin_Airgun_Club_3_12_17_e

02/19/17 February Fun Day

A new year at the WAC (Wisconsin Airgun Club). This February has brought us unseasonably warm temperatures running into the 50’s and even lower 60’s. What a great opportunity to pull out some spinners, some paper and even a few knock-downs and go some airgunning.

Jeff with the Brocock Compatto, Bill using his FX impact and Scott his Raw were able to get in the some sight in time as well as some 50 and 100 yard competition. Fired up the pizza oven for lunch and continued shooting into mid afternoon. A great start to the new year!

WAC_2_19_17_b WAC_2_19_17_a WAC_2_19_17_d WAC_2_19_17_c WAC_2_19_17_e